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"Ed Quill has given us a long overdue gift...
Combining his reporter's skill at storytelling and his archivist's eye for detail and accuracy, Quill compellingly chronicles the tribe's history and its relationship with the Europeans who came unbidden to their home.... a welcome addition!"
Jim Vrabel, author of When in Boston: A Timeline and Almanac and The People's History of the New Boston.



"... a devastating plague cut a wide swath
through the villages of the Native Americans in what is now called New England. The 12,000-strong Massachuset tribe lost close to 90 percent of its population, Ed Quill tells us in a book centered on a people who gave Massachusetts its name. With his narrative full of names and deeds of well-known natives, (Chickataubut, King Philip) and immigrant knaves (Josiah Winslow), the author offers yet another reminder of the depredation that 17th-century Europeans visited on someone else's land."
Thomas Mulvoy, a Dorchester native, is a retired Managing Editor of The Boston Globe.

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