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Chapter 1


When Hepatitis A or Smallpox strike a village, a wigwam's fire flickers out and the sick die for want of food and drink, and the seed for growing crops remains unplanted and the harvest passes, thus a whole village dies of starvation.


Chapter 2


Massasoit, the name the English called him, although his title, not his personal name, honored the terms of the 1621 peace treaties with the Pilgrims during his lifetime, much to the chagrin of his sons and the disgruntled young braves of the next generation.

Chapter 10


In the month of the Harvest Moon (September) at Cochituite State Park at Natick,  the Praying Indians of Natick and Ponkapoag, led by Naticksqw or Chief Praying Hands, take part in crafts, powwows and traditional festivals.

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